Month: November 2019

Why You Should Get Insurance

Most people want to save as much money as possible. In doing so, they often justify not spending it on products or services that they don’t need. It can be tempting to avoid getting insurance as well, but this is not usually a good idea. Unlike other items you may spend money on, insurance is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Here is why it a smart move to get insurance:

The Overview of Insurance

Life comes with a variety of risks, no matter who you are. Insurance is a way for you to manage them. Buying insurance lets you transfer the risk of losses onto the insurance company instead of paying the high costs of these risks when they arise. Of course, there is a fee (known as a premium) for this service. As an insurance company, we take these funds and invest them securely so they can grow. That allows us to provide you with a payout when you have a claim.

Insurance Benefits You in a Variety of Ways:

Owning a Home

Being a homeowner today is no easy feat. Insurance can help with the responsibility of owning your home by reducing stress and saving you money. For instance, most people don’t buy homes with cash, but go through mortgage lenders instead. These lenders want to know that you have protected your home with the right insurance. Home insurance policies cover your house’s damage and repairs. It can protect you against fire and water damage, theft, and financial responsibilities when a visitor accidentally injures themselves while on your property.

Driving a Vehicle

Driving a car is a risky endeavor if you don’t have any coverage. Auto insurance helps you afford the repairs, legal expenses, and health care costs resulting from injuries and collisions. Having a policy is mandated by law, but there are optional coverage policies that protect you even further.

Maintaining Your Standard of Living

Many people take their current lifestyle for granted. However, if you have a severe illness or become disabled, an insurance policy will help. It can cover your daily costs and larger expenses such as your mortgage so you can focus on recovering your health.

Covering the Costs of Healthcare

Healthcare costs are a major problem for a lot of Americans. Unfortunately, one hospital visit or surprise health condition can cripple you financially. With insurance, you can reduce your healthcare costs for doctor visits, procedures, vision care, dental care, prescription drugs, and more.

Providing for Your Family

Life insurance allows you to provide for your loved ones in the event of death. This is especially true if you have a spouse and children. Depending on your age, expenses, and overall lifestyle, coverage can help you keep your family afloat. It acts as a lifeline to take care of mortgage, education, home repair, and other costs.

Running a Business

Commercial insurance for family farms and small businesses is a huge weight off your shoulders. It helps you cover retirement plans, health benefits, and injury costs. Depending on your business, you should consult your agent for the right mix of business, employee, and owner insurance coverage.

Taking a Vacation

Traveling always comes with its fair share of risks. The last thing you want to do is worry about the financial burden of medical emergencies or flight cancellations. Travel insurance is a way to enjoy peace of mind so you can truly enjoy making lifelong memories on your vacation.

No matter what, life brings a number of risks. Review the types of insurance above and consider how they can help with your unique life circumstances. Then consult with an agent to determine the best insurance policies to protect you, your family, and your financial wellbeing.